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Transatlantic Relations - Part 2

transatlantic 2

I have been terribly remiss in forgetting to credit my screencap sources. (Except for 'Bar Reunion' as those were my own).
So I would like to belatedly thank:

Transatlantic Relations - Part 1

Transatlantic 1

Two of my favourite fandoms helping each other out.
Strangely enough, TW and ML are quite similar:
*The so called 'leads' stand on rooftops brooding, being dark and tragic.
*The so called 'supporting males' get on with business, are appropriately snarky, have girlfriends who have been in a coma, look good in jeans and are to die for in suits.

The prequel to Myfanwy's Lunch, tells the story of how RTD lost his head and the therapy administered to the CBS executives as a result of canceling Moonlight.

You Suck

You Suck

This is a photo I put on DeviantArt a while ago. This is my Medb (pronounced MAB) who is my vicious beast when she's not being a big baby. I took this during my failed attempt to wean her off sucking my fingers but it didn't work because when one bites a dummy, it doesn't inflict pain on anyone. Medb enjoys biting, having rough play, using her scalpel-like talons and behaves like she's teething every day. She has no excuse as she's at least 6 years old (I don't know how old exactly as she was a stray who just decided to move in) I think she might be a Norwegian Forest Cat. I decided to turn in it to one of those 'motivational' posters for fun. Then I just had to make it into an icon. Feel free to use them if you like.
you suck icon

btw: She's named after a Goddess because it's her strong religious belief that:
(a) she is one, and
(b) everyone in existence is simply there to serve her every whim!


Comic - Bar Reunion

bar reunion

I just couldn't let RTD's last stab at the fans go unanswered.
(And seriously, Timothy Dalton as Rassilon? WTF!)

Myfanwy's Lunch Comic - Part 2


Myfanwy's Lunch 2

Just to clarify a few things before anyone asks:
  • I'm not suggesting a Marthawood or that Martha join permanently, she's only in it because I wanted to take things back to where IMHO everything started to go wrong (s2ep6) Resetting to Reset.
  • I am a Janto shipper but I think Ianto needs to lay down the law
  • If Ianto ever comes back, he needs to have some backbone and not an insecure jack-sexual.
Happy New Year everyone!

Myfanwy's Lunch Comic - Part 1

myf's lunch 1


(PS, more animated RTD coming soon)

(BIG thankyou to satanassa for pointing out the typo. It's fixed. And yes, I know I'm full to brimming with anal retention!!!!)

Writer's Block: Birthday Shout-out

Happy birthday, J.K. Rowling! Which of her seven Harry Potter novels do you think is the most satisfying read?
Deathly Hallows (because we finally get answers to all most of the questions) but Goblet of Fire was probably the most fun as it explores the the idiosycracies wizarding world.

Animated RTD

rtd ani
This comes from an idea by saxgoddess25 I hope it approaches expectations!!! 
Use it if you want.

More Icons

Thankyou to everyone who commented!!! These are for you.

PS: Yes I do think RTD is Seth Rogan's evil twin (Zack & Miri make a porno gave me no end of entertainment especially when they talk about  sci-fi) And yes, Russel did kill off the 2 best bis on TV Tosh & Ianto (well, Tosh may have ventured into omni territory but I wouldn't classify her as a full omni as in Jack). Oh and if the fan protest one is a bit criptic it means: fan protest equals 9 (hysterical women) thus it means nothing!

Bases, please feel free to add your own definitions!

Torchwood Protest Icons

coe wrathhello russell

Just a couple of icons - feel free to use if you like